M20 Water Outlet (-20AN ORB)

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These water outlets eliminate the oem thermostat housing in favor of a simple -20AN ORB outlet. These are excellent for those running an electric water pump, compliment Stimtechs water plate (https://stim.tech/product/bmw-m20-water-plate/) and greatly simplify the plumbing.

We recommend using an inline thermostat, or have the water pump controller/fan controller set your engine temperature. 

They are available in black or clear anodize, and have 2 straight cut threads for sensors.

There are 2 variations for temp sensor ports 

Standard ones have 2 metric threads compatible with the standard blue/black temp sensors (m12x1.5 and m14x1.5)

M10x1.0 variation (limited quantity available) has the standard "blue" temp sensor threads, as well as an m10 thread which is compatible with a Bosch PST-F1 sensor, this sensor does temperature, and pressure in one unit.

Hardware, and gasket included.

-20AN ORB fitting not included