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**Please note these are currently being redesigned, they are available for purchase but we are waiting for an estimated ship date by the manufacturer**

Our E30 (Z3) Spherical Bearing Set was created to aid in delivering smooth suspension actuation, as well as remove unwanted linkage compliance. These bearings are especially important when running an adjustable rear subframe (i.e. eccentric adjusters). Introducing misalignment into the rear trailing arm can cause binding and pre-mature wear on other types of non-spherical bushings. The spherical inserts allow misalignment while retaining smooth and consistent oscillation of the trailing arms.

This spherical bearing set will work with any BMW cross models that share the rear trailing arm bushing with the E30 chassis (i.e. Z3/E36TI/E21, etc.)

Construction: Both the Bearing Sleeves and the Spacer Inserts are machined from billet chromoly steel. The Spherical Bearings are a Heat-Treated PTFE lined unit specified specifically for motorsport use. The Bearings are pressed into the chromoly Bearing Sleeves. Back-up retention of the Bearing is taken care of by a hardened Spiral Lock retaining ring.

A micro-finish process is performed on the Bearing Sleeves and Spacer Inserts as the high strength chromoly steel they are machined from does not possess the same corrosion resistance properties that a stainless steel would. A gloss black zinc electroplating process is performed on these components to ensure their longevity in harsher environments.

What You Get:

  • 4x Spherical Bearing Inserts
  • 4x Spacer Insert Pairs
  • Installation Guide Tool

Notes: Installation of the E30 Spherical Bearing Inserts into the Rear Trailing Arms is a precise and delicate procedure. If the installer is not confident in their installation process it is advised that they do not proceed with the installation.

Due to the tight tolerances present in these assemblies it is imperative that the Bushing Bores on the Rear Trailing Arms are not damaged and have not been modified in anyway. The E30 Spherical Bearing Inserts have been designed to accommodate Rear Trailing Arm Bores of the Ø 27mm factory size only. Bushing Bores must be cleaned and thoroughly inspected prior to installation. The provided guide tool must be used as shown. The guide aids in aligning the axis of the Spherical Insert and the Bushing Bore during installation. It is crucial that the press set-up used for installation is sturdy and can maintain a linear press line. It is not recommended to use a vice or any hand held press-in tools for this installation.