E30/Z3/TI Dual Caliper Brackets

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Need a dual caliper setup for your drift e30, e36 ti, or z3? Look no further!

These are made from 6061-T6 aluminum, and are compatible with Wilwood calipers. They bolt on with no hub removal. E brake removal is necessary but you can easily add an inline manual valve to use the secondary calipers as your e brake if needed (see installation video for info).

The only modification required is some backing plate trimming, which is all covered in the install video (link at bottom)

Comes with all necessary 12.9 grade hardware, calipers not included.

For use with either 120-9689 or 120-9690 Wilwood dynapro calipers. Also recommend Polymatrix A compound pads, but pad compound choice might vary based on driving style.

Available in Black anodize

Torque all hardware to 45 ft/lbs and use supplied thread locker

Installation video can be found below. It is very important that the mounting face is clean, as well as the area above the bracket (where the wheel bearing is pressed in) there is only a few mil of room between the bracket and the hub, excess rust, or thick powder coating will cause the bracket not to sit correctly, this will be evident if the bolts are difficult to thread in due to misalignment.