Greasable Stainless Steel Clutch Fork Pivot Pin

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Quite a lot of BMW's come with plastic clutch pivot pins, these pins are more than adequate for stock clutches, but on high performance clutches with higher clamping pressures and during hot track conditions, this isn't the case. 

These stainless pins will handle whatever clutch you have, and they're even externally greasable!

Pins replaces either

PN 21511223328 (this list is not complete as this pin fits 50+ models, if yours is not on the list please confirm fitment before purchasing)


PN 21511202659 

Please make sure you are ordering the correct pin for your application! We have experienced a small number of zf transmissions that have a slightly larger hole, which causes the pin to fit somewhat loosely, if this occurs some locktitie retaining compound can be used, or it can be sent back to us for a full refund. There's no way to determine prior, but we have only ran into a very small handful with this issue. 

Prior to installation be sure to clean hole, use included sanding cone if necessary. It's also a good idea to leave the pin in your freezer for a few hrs prior to ease installation. The stainless pin should go about 75% of the way into the hole, at that point use a socket (15mm works well) and a hammer to tap it the rest of the way. The pin will require only a small bit of force to get seated, if it is not seating DO NOT FORCE IT. Remove pin and ensure hole is free of burs and try again. A bit of grease or anti seize on the pin will ensure it goes in easy and can also be removed/reused if swapping transmissions. Install grease fitting on back side of pin, the fitting has tapered threads for sealing and is not meant to fully seat on pin (see image for reference), do not over tighten fitting or you risk breaking it.  Grease tip of pin prior to installing clutch fork, pin can be greased externally as necessary (once a year or more is more than adequate for most vehicles). 

Installation video can be found here