Silverlake Projects Exhaust Stud Kit

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Silverlake Projects exhaust studs are the perfect solution to future proof your exhaust manifold to cylinder head. Our titanium alloy studs will not rust after repeated heat cycles, and will be easily removed when needed

These have been tested on aftermarket headers, and turbo manifolds but have not been tested on the stock exhaust flanges yet.

The stud - made in Japan to exact Silverlake specifications, the titanium alloy studs will not rust after repeated heat cycles, hence will be easily removed when needed. Ti6Al4V alloy is as strong as steel but 45% lighter. 

The nut - originally designed for the aerospace industry, k-nuts are the most applied locking nuts in high-end motorsports applications, due to their strength, low weight and temperature and vibration resistance. These European made all-metal nuts will lock once torqued up and will never unscrew unless desired. Nuts use a small 10mm diameter head head to ensure easy installation.

The washer - made in the USA to exact Silverlake specifications, the copper washer will not corrode nor bond to the titanium stud or the aerospace steel nut, making future removal easier. These corrosion-resistant washers will compress for a tight fit and further reduce the chance of unscrewing. 

Inconel 718 - We now offer Inconel 718 exhaust studs for extreme applications. Inconel 718 alloy is an oxidation-corrosion resistant superalloy with excellent tensile, fatigue and creep-rupture strengths. It is well suited for operations in extreme environments subjected to pressure and heat. Inconel retains strength over a wide temperature range, attractive for very high temperature applications where steel would succumb to creep.